Project management

Plan, track and successfully execute your projects with our project management extension. You’ll gain effective tools for planning, coordinating and tracking project progress. With our extension, you’ll have full visibility of budget, schedule and resources, while facilitating team communication and collaboration.

What can this extension help you with?


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Keep track of milestones and deadlines, and get an overview of the work being done. You can have any information linked to the project.

Project documentation, attachments, automatic notifications, notes, access for clients, overview of invoices or hours worked, as well as a chat room for staff involved in the project.

Plan projects conveniently using the Gantt chart. View individual teams and the work process on the timeline. You’ll get an overview of the status of the plan by team and be able to see if all elements of the project are being developed on time. You can also make your work easier by using Kanban, SCRUM and other methodologies.

Be prepared for unexpected changes and adjust production at a moment’s notice based on supplier downtime or staff sickness.

With our innovative extension, you have all your files and information in one place. You can add clear comments to each task and quickly share important information, files and documents with your colleagues. Save time and improve your team’s efficiency.

You’ll have all the important information at your fingertips whenever you need it.