Warehouse system

Use the EspoCRM extension with the warehouse system to keep track of your warehouses and their movements.

It is ideal to use it together with the extension for the invoicing system, so you get complete loading and unloading.

What can this extension help you with?


More details

Automate your warehouse work with fine-tuned readers. Not only will you reduce the time spent transcribing, but more importantly, the amount of errors.

Instead of scanners, you can use a smartphone for your workers and reduce the number of devices they need to carry.

One of the biggest nightmares of warehouse management – inventory! Digitization and automation in the warehouse extension for EspoCRM will give you a faster inventory process with fewer errors.

Partial inventory – no need to interrupt warehouse operations. You choose the area of the warehouse and the time when, for example, the employees are not so busy and thus minimize the interruption of the normal operation of the warehouse.

A complete list of all suppliers is available and allows filtering by customer specifications. The system allows you to check deliveries, view history and anticipate seasonal outages from suppliers.